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"I've seen a lot of sites over the last 5 years, and this one certainly stands out. (...) I was really surprised with the video area, as their softcore artistic videos really take the cake here at MC Nudes. High resolutions, big bitrates combine for some great stuff. I coudn't seem to stop downloading them."
Our Score: 95 / 100
"Trying to describe how amazing MC is is like trying to describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon to someone who's never seen it. Honestly? The only way you're truly going to understand its worth is by signing up. (...) This site is at the pinnacle of adult sites with its fantastic design, mind-blowing content quality, frequent updates, and incredibly beautiful women."
Our Score: 92.2 / 100
"I found myself highly impressed with MC Nudes. (...) There is a whole lot to look through and the fact that they add new stuff every day is just icing on the already decadent cake. And if videos are your thing, then you don't want to miss out on the HDV. This is one of the best sites I've reviewed."
Our Score: 9.0 / 10
"... the HDTV videos are looking perfect,(...) I have been very impressed by the style of this site, every video and photo set has been tastefully created which translates into content of superior quality. Make sure to carefully watch every section of this site since it's amazing."
Our Score: 9.5 / 10
Rabbits Porn
"There is a lot of beauty on and some breath-taking photography of the smooth curving landscapes of the female form. (...) MC-Models offers stunning models in sensually erotic photos and videos, so it's difficult for me to see how this alluring site couldn't turn on a guy"
Our Score: 94 / 100
Fetish Fish
"Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of gorgeous women. If you have been looking for a place to celebrate the artistic and sensual side of porn, MC Nudes definitely has what you need."
Our Score: 92 / 100
Bitch Reviews
"You get a variety of extras, like different wallpaper you can download for your desktop and the rare option to download a full-length DVD. You even have the pretty cool option of changing the theme-color of the site."
Our Score: 8 / 10
"Mc Nudes is a fantastic erotic art site starring babes from all over the world. It´s a tremendously sexy site and it will continue to get better through updates. It´s well worth the money right now though."
Our Score: 5 / 5
"If you've been looking for a sight that offers you a sensual and erotic view of the female body, then MC Nudes is the place for you. The girls are hot and the bodies are to die for - it just doesn't get better than that."
Our Score: 9.5 / 10
"MC Nudes is by far hands down one of the very best porn websites I have ever reviewed or seen, especially on the softcore side of the spectrum. There is a ton of amazing content on this site featuring some of the hottest ladies on the internet (...). I assure you, if you like softcore, you will LOVE MC Nudes."
Our Score: 92 / 100
"MC Nudes is a new site that is destined to be one of the greatest. MC Nudes is the first, and I believe the only, erotic site to offer true high definition videos in 1280 x 720 pixels. Featuring daily updates, breathtaking models, and high class photography, MC Nudes is absolutely amazing. You have to see this site to believe it."
Our Score: 5 / 5
"MC Nudes is a fantastic high quality softcore adult site with 1280x720 HD videos and magazine quality high-resolution still frame photography pictorials of some of the most beautiful nude models in the world. Perfect for females who adore the sensual side of erotic photography and for men who appreciate the elegant eroticism of the female body as well."
Our Score: 94 / 100
"Based on the extraordinarily well-chosen gorgeous models, the high quality of the pictures and the unexpected soft-core sexiness of the poses, I am quite sure that you too will find this a site that you go to over and over again!"
Our Score: 92 / 100
"Definitely a must see for fans of high-quality content in general, lots done right here!" (...) "An excellent collection of high quality nudes." (...)"MC Nudes has the content quality, sexy models, & download options that I like to see in a softcore site."
Our Score: 92.1 / 100
"Wow, the girls of MC-Nudes look pretty darn tooting hot! The site is classy (...) With daily gallery updates and two new videos a week, no wonder there's so much content. (...) The photo galleries have zip download and slide show options. (...) These are very clear and gorgeous sets."
Our Score: 9.33 / 10
"This 100% exclusive erotic nude photography and video site features hundreds of models including never before seen European babes and updates with new high quality photo galleries daily."
Our Score: 91.9
"Absolutely stunning models photographed with care and grace. Huge pictures, great layout, and plenty of girls.(...) The site is huge, and can be overwhelming, at first, with so many girls to select from. (...) The video looks great ..."
Our Score: 9.5 / 10
"MC-Nudes is a nicely constructed site that has a beautiful look, the equal of the beautiful women that it features. (...) The photography is excellent with huge crisp images that are larger that life. There is an immense amount of content ..."
Our Score: 9.1 / 10
"MC Nudes will leave you breathless. The super-sized images and high-definition video are the perfect medium to show off such beauty. Plus, the girls inside this site are a little more diverse than some other softcore nude sites."
Our Score: 4.7 / 5
"This site celebrates the beauty of the female form in pictures and video (...) the videos simply blew me away (...) The DIVX HDV Quality videos are just astounding; with that resolution they are already full screen without even having to zoom and they just look brilliant. You really have to see these videos to believe it, ..."
Our Score: 91 / 100
"MC Nudes is a good soft core site with plenty of content and some really exquisite nude photos at very high resolutions. It features stunning high resolution (5000 pixel) photos and short, high quality, erotic videos of over 200 beautiful models drawn from around the world."
Our Score: 90.6 / 100
"MC Nudes is just the kind of site that makes me love to browse adult sites. The naked female form is such a wonderfully mesmerizing thing that it never ceases to amaze me. (...) Your imagination will run wild as soon as you see these young, luscious nude bodies."
Our Score: 90.9 / 100
" is another straightforward foreign gal presentation serving up plenty of tasty naked and naturally sexy "10s." (...) Each hottie here is featured in multiple thumbnail galleries, where clean, clear color and B&W shots (...) Each girl is uniquely sexy to the degree that it’s difficult to pinpoint any stand-outs, and a few hot girl/girl get togethers double our pleasure."
Our Score: 4.5 / 5
"The site keeps all its promises and the content is exceptional in quality. Better yet, the nudity will have your pulse racing and the girls are so utterly gorgeous that your heart might skip a beat. The site is pure and soft erotic pleasure."
Our Score: 93 / 100
" A little more risqué than Playboy and a little less than Penthouse, MC - Nudes brings us (...) some of the most attractive European women we've seen. (...) The media as well as the supporting delivery and programming featured here are phenomenal."
Our Score: 9 / 10
" is a softcore megasite featuring extremely high quality photos and videos of gorgeous European women. (...) the vids look really great. The DivX versions, particularly, are spectacular quality and weigh in at a huge 1280 x 720 at around 3,000Kbs. These badboys are DVD quality and should definitely be viewed at full-screen."
Our Score: 90 / 100
"MC-Nudes is quite possibly the best presented site that I´ve seen, at least for a very long time. There is a marvellous array of browsing options on the videos that mean that you don´t have to put up with the lengthy HDV downloads if you can´t bear the wait.(...) It has developed into one of the very best high quality photography nude modelling sites around."
Our Score: 9.4 / 10
"MC Nudes features a unique group of models masterfully captured in some of the highest quality erotic art available. The options available for both photos and videos make this a very user friendly experience, and the HD videos are well worth the download wait."
Our Score: 89.9 / 100
"MC Nudes is a really well done site that offers up a good sized archive of extremely high quality photos and videos for anyone who's a fan of beautiful, artistic nudes. The women are gorgeous, the settings are very varied and the photography is excellent."
Our Score: 87.5 / 100
"Basically, just by looking at the tour, I can tell you that I highly recommend this site, and I will be joining it tonight and will be a loyal member as long as they keep their promises on the features. (...) Either way, this is a site you need to join and not miss out on – you get so much with your membership that you would be a fool to pass it up!"
Our Score: 90 / 100
"A photography site that features fine-looking babes in magazine-style shoots. MC Nudes offers high definition pictures as well as videos of naked women in different settings and breathtaking backdrops."
Our Score: 90 / 100
"MC Nudes is a large collection of High-Def Porn Videos starring softcore lesbian European models. The content quality is excellent and the quantity is good too."
Our Score: 86 / 100
"MC Nudes is a classy site – that´s something I can tell for sure after having taken a mere look at its index page. It is an erotica collection – but surely not just one of thousands that the Web is currently flooded with. Needless to say, the quality of the content made available by MC Nudes is even more than just qualitative – its mouthwatering pics and videos really deserve the right to be called crystal-clear."
Our Score: 97 / 100
"If ever there was a site that deserved 11 out of 10 this is it! (...) Highly recommended site and worthy of our nude site of the year plaudit by far - you will not be disappointed."
Our Score: 10 / 10
Darina is a self-confident and straight woman, who loves to go shopping and dancing with friends. She really knows what she wants and dont hesistate to show it. Come and join in to her exposing her curvascious body, fully nude and natural...
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