Name: Buck in DC
A stunning beauty. Wow!!!
Name: Richard Coxman
So young, so sweet... so stacked!
Name: Sparky Cockburn
What a cute young girl -- and what an adorable pair of breasts!!!
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Awesome Babe!!!! OLIVIA u r an angel, i am totally gone mad behind you.what a great body,and nice curves. LOve your body. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!
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all your women are beautiful ,but I especialy love curvy women. the poses ,excelent ,the format and layout off your website ,topnotch,keep up the good work !
wow! what a devine sculpture! in India we are calling u devatha! my honey, i love u. i want 2 die 4 u.
Name: Tito
Hi Olivia, I tell you that you're the most beautiful girl that I could find in the internet. You're friend, Tito from Peru, a country located in the South America.
Name: Raza
Hello , i Never see the Mosy Beautiful Model on Web, u are really precious Lasy... God Bless You
Name: JBL
OMG! What body 2 die 4! Can't get enuff of her pix!!!! What a RACK! That the kinda stuff that makes men do stupid things!!! WOW!
Name: SpikeyMikey
I see that as of today (9 July 2006) Olivia is number one in the MCN model voting. I heartily agree that she is most deserving of this ranking. What I am disappointed by is the sad fact that she has not made an appearance at MCN since 23 April 2006. I am hoping that this beautiful and busty Romanian stunner will be returning for many more photoshoots in the very near future. We miss you, Olivia!
Name: prabu
the most beautiful face I never seen in the world of fashion and I wish you a great life
Name: Attila
Dear Olivia! I write to you in second times, because "You are So Beautiful"! I see you, and never enough for me! I thinking of you and I feel fever, I feel desire, I feel LOVE!!! I can't help myself... I LOVE YOU! (Better than any girls around me!)
Name: kashif
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Name: Ric
You are gorgeous! Your eyes kill many man. If I can with her just one day, it would be a day on top of the world. One more word - Gorgeous. See you.
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