Name: pan
oh my godia,perfect brunette
Name: Jeffrey
Simply the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen! I could get lost in her sexy eyes and playful smile and sit staring at my monitor for hours on end. If some alien wanted to know what a woman is, I would refer him to Gina for she is everything that makes women so desireable and so cherished.
Name: Nestor
I like Gina's friendly smile, dynamite rack, and black hair. I expected to like her very much as I like black hair and a "C" cup the best. And she delivered. Since she is a hairdresser, I would not be surprised if a lot of men want her to be their barber.
Name: andre
Gina, You are one of those beautiful women gracing this Earth and making us guys happy to appreciate such a beauty as yourself. My heart is racing !!
Name: Michael Francis
I seen her work before and she is great.
Name: R
Gina is very attractive, she could have been fully clothed and i would have been captivated by thoses eyes and that smile.
Name: Eric
Gina is a fascinating model. Her dynamite hair -- along with her magnificent breasts on her nude body -- are two of a kind as a promising model. Her brilliant sense of humor and her energy make this model a candidate for a long career as a model. The magazine cover of her taking a shower would come to mind for one thing: appearing on television around the world for a Gold Bar of Dial Soap. A soap commercial would rake a ton of money for her. I admire a woman -- let alone a professional model -- who enjoys a warm shower in front of the cameras for the photographers. Her nude body is a dynamite sight for this model. Using a Gold Bar of Dial Soap will result in instant credibility in her prospering career. All The Best!! Good Luck in your continuing career!! So Long!! XOXOXO
Name: Max
You have the killer looks that would do an artists heart double beat. What fate would befall a mere mortal when facing you in person?
Name: anonymous
Super sophisticated face! beautiful! The type of woman that belongs in High-Class events and environments like the Opera, Theater, Red-carpet events, and Mansions. She exemplifies the essense of sophistication. Gorgeous. Wished you had shown a bit more privates ;) :) :D