Name: Barry guo
shes my dream girl! A
Name: Darryn
Oh My god i dont mean to sound perverted or anything, but you are soooooooo hot!!! i wish i lived in ireland! your so pretty, i wish there were girls like you here in zimbabwe. even though a guy like me wouldnt ever be able to go out with some one like you, i think your just so beautifull.which ever boy gets to be loved by you is so lucky.goodbye xxx
Name: khalid
mc-nudes presents a great set of photo graphy means really great. i just get amazed to see all there models nd there netural beauty nd the way they are captured. i can rate all the models 10. but carolin is more than just a beauty so her rating shud be 10+.
Name: Vinnada
I rated other models with 10... before I saw Carolin. She deserves 12. She's perfect: Body, skin color, eyes, lips, just to mention something. Hope to see more of her. Nice photographer's work!
Name: steven canale
should be a higher rating , has a nice natural look , beautiful eyes and a nice full set of lips
Name: Lenny
Just goes to show that Ireland has the cream of the crop when it comes to great lookin babes, and carolin just oozes with cream xx
Name: libra
beauty of nature,i have no any words for expelan of her beauty but she look like the clouds on ski.
Name: Kevin Butler
Increadably beautiful, I'm glad I'm of Irish desent !!!!
Name: jani
carolin is a model with a class which cannot be spelled in words