Name: MARINE - L -
EVE is so dam beautifull she is the perfect brunette.
Name: Woody Johnson
Eve reminds me why brunettes have always been my favorites -- especially when they have long hair, dark eyes, an awesome body and luscious breasts!
Name: Robert
Beauty, is all i see when i look at Eve. Her tanned skin,and dark hair,are stunning as she is.If ever in the United States, she can count on this guy showing her a wonderful time.
Name: Guillermo
If God ever intended to create beauty, and this beauty to be a complete magestic tribute to all that exist, that would be Eve, a gorgeous model and a perfect example of what an langel must be like!.
Name: James
Y'know....I don't see where all those Polish jokes come from. Here is an outstanding example of feminine beauty, and if Poland is her homeland...Where's my plane ticket?! I marked her down a mere tad for her girl next door face, which is trememdous to see, but not as exotic as some of the models from MCN. Not the slammin'-est tits here either, but again, way above average, Eve. Take all this into consideration plus one of the nicer backsides you'll see ( Don't you just love curvy backs? ), and I heartily give well - rounded Eve a thumbs up.
Name: Orion
Amazing dark eyes. Let's see more of her!