Name: Timothy
The Number don,t go up high enough to vote for this women. I,m in love i think. Sure could be in time with seeing this Doll! Have a good life Cati 4 sure. And hope you do well in your Career, as a Model. Your tops with me.
Name: DAve
What a sensual lady. Just the right combinations of body, legs, and breast. The cover pose 2006-04-10 is such a great picture.. Keep it up, this is award winning photography
Name: JBL
Beautiful! Simply amazing! Her eyes, her bod is HOTTT! I really loved that pose 4 the 04-10-2006 cover!!!! Want 2 C more of her!!!
Name: robertCrocker
It's refreshing to see a beautiful ethnic womanwith a wonderful face, great hair and natural tits; nice legs too!
Name: Mike
Agree with Thomas100% B size breast are perfect. Beautiful from toes on up....perfect creation.
Name: George
Exciting legs and feet. Superbreasts. What more ....
Name: L?one
no comment, 10/10
Name: Brett
Nothing better than a "Cati" nude to set things right with the world.
Name: Sam
A complete beauty, well defined curves and a height to show them too.
Name: Thomas Usher
Fabolous breast: well balance size. Size B cups are the perfect size. Hips have soft curves. Very warm seductive glow but cautioin in her eyes.
Name: yehia
absolutely gorgeous! Such nice skin & curves!