Name: joey
MONIKA IS STUNNER ! really nice ass , nice breasts , nice VAGINA , nice lips. come to me monika !
Name: tamika
Absolutly a perfect body. New here and many posts have already said so many things I agree with. I must say though I only just found out about her, and I really like her. I love her feet and her belly! Only one thing I could say to increase her beauty.......Cornrow her hair!
Name: Ben
You are beautiful girl !!!!! I love you !!!!! Ben
Name: Kyle
Very beautiful. I like Monika's eyes.
Name: grubuss
Just the incarnation of beauty!
Name: wally
You my one and only choose for Model Of The Year!!!!! WWOOWW!!! Good Luck To You. PS. If you are available will you marry me. HE HE
Name: Rafael
she?s simply perfect
Name: Kjelli
The most beautiful girl EVER!
Name: Justin
She is definitely entoxicating! A new set out and I just want more. I'd love to see a lot more of Monika
Name: Randy
Name: Brad
This woman is the most attractive woman i've ever laid eyes on. just the way she gazes into the camera, just the way her hair flows so elegantly over her amazing features, just the way you double-take when you first see this stunning woman. She is the perfect woman... but women can be harsh, as most men might know.
Name: amk
i love monika beyond all imaginations
Name: Jiusonium
She must be the world's most beautiful woman. At least I think so. Perfect face and body, with not-too-big breasts. Simply perfect!
Name: Brian
She is super hot!!! Her eyes are deeply peircing, her hair is lovely, her rack is incredible, and her ass is extremly well, I can't think of any words to describe it! What I'm saying is that she is the perfect woman!
Name: blackshark52
i cant wait for her next sets, she is most erotic every day...
Name: Buster
Monika Vesela is one of the most beautiful girls on MCN ! She's cute, sinful and her eyes can melt ice in a second.
Name: jawed shaukat
very seductive and inviting.Raises libido in any man. The photography work is commendable. Light and shade combination and effects are marvellous Jawed shaukat
Name: khan
well about her, i can say that god has sent angel naked on earth.
Name: sky4u
she's such so sexy,, i like her eyes!!