Name: lindgren
my favorite girl, I want more movies from her
Name: bknaked
dear Cathy I love your long hair. I love a woman who has long hair. You defenitly got a 10 vote from me.
Name: Brian
Cathy is the hottest girl on this website...she deserves more webspace or her own site.
Name: PomPom
I'am in love. The most beautifull girl i've seen. Ever.
Name: harbinger411
I have never voted for a model on your site, but I had to give this one a ten. I have my favorites, and I like them a lot, but Cathy has to be the most attractive woman I have ever seen. Cathy is perfect from her frecles down to her perfectly toned legs
Name: mark
For me the most beautiful woman of your db!
Name: James
From the world of brunette women, ...this one stands out. She's not only in incredible shape, she also embodies the essence of all the great brunette beauties - intelligent sensuality. If I were to photograph her, I'd encourage her to return to some evocative lush brunette bush , trimmed but symmetrical to her otherwise flawless features.
Name: Jiusonium
She's very beautiful. Great body! She's taking a good care of her body, simply astonishing.