Name: Kjetill
Alice, I fell for your looks with your first hypnotizing appearance. I thank my foresight for enabling me to discover your feminine gracious body as it is truly arousing all my senses. The subtle nordic look in your deep blue eyes charms me more and more as I grow familiar with it. Following your curves, caressing your perfect skin, is a delight for my soul. The friendly assurance I feel from you motivates the scandinavian man inside me to achieve the greatest things in life. Looking forward to seeing your moves on video and in person (if only...). Please let your stunning smile illuminate your face more often. Thanks for being. Eternally yours, Kjetill Canada Note to MC-Nudes production team: Fantastic scouting guys. She is, and it's worth repeating, the most beautiful woman on your website. Thank you for granting us the privilege to contemplate Alice.
Name: Richie
By far the most beautiful woman on this entire website. Please lets have a video clip of her posted soon. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!
Name: mike
well defined tan lines are a wonderful thing !!!
What a lady . . . She ignites many aspects of my memory and I must think of good ole acid rock with Jeff Airplane or the Doors. Jeff Air said 'when the men of the chess board get up and tell you where to go, go ask Alice . . .' While this may sound offbase, in looking at Alice, the Queen of Beauty, I can only recall Mr. Morrison and the 'Celebration of the Lizard.' Alice has to be the most beautiful creature of the swamp ever, anywhere, anytime . . . The face could melt fuel rods and then when you add the nuclear powered body, hot buns and tight nipples to serve as targets for her cushions of excitment, need I say more. Alice is one absolutely fantastic body, WOWOWOWOWOW !!!!
Name: H.
Sweet Alice is 100 % pure "Danish Dynamite"!
Name: Ken
Very beautiful breasts, perfect
Name: jamesbest
Alice is gorgeous ! I think i have a new favourite. lots more of Alice please! She is perfect xxx
Name: blackstick
Alice is the most beautiful ...........ever!!! We need a video..with her all wet!!!!