Name: nathan211
Name: Louisfashionguru
simply stunning..........would love to see Gabrielle in a video!
Name: Flyfishernan
The most beautiful girl I ever seen !!!!please add new galleries!!!!
Name: Big Mike
Some of the BEST breasts I have EVER seen. Please more of her. wow
Name: Doug
Still the most stunningly beautiful woman on this site. Just perfect all around.
Name: caveman
God what amazing breasts good thing I did not go to school with her Id never have learned a thing!
Name: LovenTwister
She the most beautifull woman on the web..
Name: Doug
Gabrielle is the most stunning woman ever to appear on this site.
Name: samster
This Women is Magnificent,Strikingly beautiful, and yet has the cute face and charm of the GIRL NEXT DOOR Heaven on earth
Name: Andrew
She is the reason I became a member to this site, amazing woman.
Name: Buck in DC
By my unofficial count, Gabrielle has garnered more comments than any other model on the site. What can I possibly say that others havent already said? Nothing. So Ill just say it again Gabrielle is simply awesome!
Name: powderhound
I think Gabrielle has to be the hottest woman on this site, she is simply just plain beautiful...
Name: RL
Wow! Gabrielle is one spectacularly constructed, beautiful woman. The girl of every mans best dreams. Not only great breasts, but a great girl in every respect. If I could, I would go big time for her!
Name: DAW
I love to see so many pix of Gabrielle here at MC-Nudes - you two have really hit it off. Now, what I am wishing for is a video of Gabrielle. Just to see her walking around showing her fantastic breasts bouncing, and her lovely face and lovely hair would do it for me. Gabrielle has nice buns, too, for a little gal.
Name: dDude
Absolute perfection. The bone structure, the skin, the sexy sassy hair, the attitude... a true dream girl.
Name: Jack
I cant help thinking that preternatural is a better term for her certainly she has a body the like of which I havent seen before.
Name: Ricky
I sold my soul once already. Id fight the Devil and win just so I could sell it again...
Name: Neo
I think her hairstyle is the thing that makes her look interesting and different when compared to the other models. Shes 1st class!
Name: eric1
Lune des plus belle femme de cette Terre !!!
Name: Lord Asmodeus
What can I say? Just the most perfect woman I have ever seen!
Name: TChaos
What can I say about her that hasnt already been said? Normally I dont go for the huge boobs but good God what is there not to like about her? All right maybe her hairstyle. But besides that shes perfect.
Name: comos
This girls is just perfect her legs and boobs are great.
NO WONDER, this girl is going to be the 2008 number 1 in the charts, she seems to get better and better after each set. A true wonder, and such an amazing body, she already appeared on other sites but MCN are still best.
Name: Daniel M
This site is so much better than "other websites". Those people need to step up or give up. No wonder all their models are coming over to this site. OH YEA, and Gabrielle is amazing - wish all women came with these dimensions...
Name: Peter Hardin
I've found the girl of my dreams. I am in love with Gabrielle's brown hair, green eyes, sweet girl-next-door face, svelte figure, and her huge, heavenly, heavy  hooters! Could any man ask for more? Yes -- I am asking -- BEGGING -- for many more photos of Gabrielle.
Name: kevin
Wow! Please post more pics of this stunner. Big, natural breasts combined with a lean body is so freakishly rare.
Name: Russ Meyer
WOW! MCN, you've really found a stunner in Gabrielle. I adore her sweet face, perfect body, and good god almighty, such a beautiful pair of big natural tits! Yes, you need to photograph and film this babe over and over and over, because I'll never get enough of her.
Name: Andyrugbyman
Gabrielle is truly stunning. I can't wait for this site to start filming her, just to see that body move nude for a change, just wow, she is the best. Well done MC
Name: Dick Hertz
My weakness is slender women with naturally big breasts. Gabrielle is absolutely awesome -- among your models, I'd rank her second only to the magnificent Princessa. Please, many more photosets of this bosomy beauty!