Name: hard on
This girls butt is spectacular!!
Name: Zues
Janetta is that fabulous mix of innocence and sensuality. Her innocence is heightened with a few pictures of her showing her retainer. Many may find that undesirable, however I feel it shows shes not afraid of who she is. And who is she? Only one of the most desirable models on the my humble opinion. Kudos to you beautiful Janetta.
Name: JJ
Janetta, you are sooooo Beautiful! Definately in my top 2!! Cant wait for more sets and some vids! Thanks!
Name: mark
the most beautiful girl imaginable.....!!!
Name: carmark
Janetta is goddess, Amazon is not the right title for this photo session.We need more and fast.
Name: cj
Wow! You are gorgeous. I can't wait to see more. Vids please!!!