Name: jura
a beautiful girl, sexy, shy, an angels face
Name: JOHN R
Name: duaivan
Lenka's face brings out the best of feminity. Her body features when viewed all together shows that beauty does not requires big breasts or curvy features. The golden hair embraces Lenka's body and makes it seems like a waterfall pouring from her two beautiful eyes, nicely curved noseline and soft, sensuous lips. Heavenly beautiful ! If I can give 20 I would!
Name: pete
nice slender body lovely smile 10 out of 10 for me lots more please
Name: B. J.
A remarkable beauty of the highest sort, Lenka is the kind of woman that inspires art and lofty ideas. True aesthetics is very rare in the world and deserves my highest esteem. A full 10.
Name: Joaquin
She's the most beautiful woman in the world.
Name: BM
This woman has so much grace. That is what makes her natural beauty really stand out. She really captures the eye. She is your finest model.
Name: Bryan Massey
This woman really takes my breath away. She is the kind of woman that stands out. You could walk into a place with 10,000 people around and she would be the first one you notice! She is the closest thing to perfect that can exist.
Name: tw
WOW!!! She is as close to perfect as humanly possible. Thank you.
Name: tw
Lenka only 'rates' a 7.76?!!!!! How many times can I vote? A 10 doesn't do her justice. If she took my blood pressure.......................!! An exceptional beauty.