Name: Jack
Wow, what a stunner. Gorgeous face, perfect body, perfect proportions, that long blonde hair and the shy smile. Doesnt get any better. I really wish she did more, but who knows where she is now. Truly the best model on the site absolute perfection.
Name: james
definetly way hotter then any other model ever!! you should do some photo shoots and videos.
Name: Alan
You melt my heart when I see your pictures. Your face and body are flawless.
Name: Ollie
I concur, you are THE most beautiful woman i have ever seen.
Name: matt
I do not know what else to say. All what can say has been said. Beside i don't want you to get too big a head lol. I must say being a photographer i am very impressed with the quality of all the photographs. Standing Simona in front on a glass door on a bright day was a risky move but was done very well. Although it must have been difficult to meter. Having her keep that look of vulnerability where as at the same giving her a look of confidance was excellently done. Top marks on photography and top marks on modeling
Name: Brian
I would never had guessed that the most beautiful girl I would ever see be in Denmark. You are such a lovely girl.
Name: Douglas
your the most beautiful person I have ever seen in the world. Love her smile, frecles, and perfect body.
Name: Bob
Wow! Great body(not too big or small breasts, just perfect), pretty smile, freckles, and a nice tanline. 10-10, 11 if i could!
Name: Paulo Fraga
She is the sweetest and marvelous kitty i've ever seen! !! And what a smile!!!!!! What ALL!!!! She's precious!! Congratulations for this treasure finded!!!
Name: Jonas
Hi Simona. I am also from Denmark, and I think you are very beautiful. Didn't even know that there were so beautiful ladies around in Denmark:) Love your freckles... Hope that we'll see eachother someday. You've got my vote 10 out of 10. You are really gorgeous! Take care...
Name: wayne
Simona is absolutely gorgeous, a devine beauty, in my opinion she scores 10 out of 10.
Name: donny
it was said that mere mortals cannot conprehend the total beauty of an angel, when i first saw simona....i could!!! she is beautiful beyond my wildest fantasy, and that's saying alot, because i have a vivid
Name: James
What an absolute Beauty you are!!! It was very refreshing to come across your photo's you are a Diamond amoungst the rough!!! If only you lived here in Australia!!!....
Name: bill
from denmark, the new miss universe; love the wet look, the freckles and tan lines, the combination of shyness in your face and confidence in your pose; it's too bad you're so young and i'm so old - suddenly i want to visit copenhagen...
Name: Mike
She is amazing!! I rarely come across a beauty such as her.
Name: Peter BMA
She is the most beautifull girl/woman of these models. Oh, yes. I think so, cool... :-) I like she is freckled lady... I'm also photographer, so my eyes looking like an objective. She's on the TOP!
Name: Maldini
Beautyful and natural woman. Just love the sweet natural look and this nice body. And I love the white stribes on breasts and waist. Hope to see more.
Name: Mauricio
Wow you are really beautiful! I love your eyes... in fact your whole expression on your look.
Name: mark
Captivating. Can't get her image out of my mind.
Name: philip
Your eyes see right into my soul. You are the most beautiful lady on the planet. One look and I've fallen in love... big time. You've put a sweet feeling in my old Norwegian blood, which I thoight had run cold. Put me at the top of the list of your major fans.
Name: Veles
Simply most beautiful viking-girl I ever seen. 5+!
Name: Gregg
Your eyes see right into my soul. You are the most beautiful lady on the planet. One look and I've fallen in love... big time. You've put a sweet feeling in my old Norwegian blood, which I thoight had run cold. Put me at the top of the list of your major fans.
Name: yasin
Simply pretty... so nice face she has got , like angel...
Name: Dave
The nordic countries do it again,what a stunner Simona is with those oh so cute and yet also so sexy looks that's just drop desad gorgeous,gave Her a 9,may well ahve been a 10 though,smoking hot Gal.
Name: Andrew
There are no words sufficient to describe how beautiful she is, so I won't even try. I just love those sexy tan lines. This may sound strange, but I'm guessing that Simona looks every bit as sexy when she's fully clothed!
Name: prannoy
Astonishing and sexy beyond imagination.
Name: lung
one of the best scandinavian girls I have seen
Name: carsten
i think you are the sweetest thing i ever seen i have just seen your video and its the best video in the world
Name: toby
perfectly beautiful in my book, in every class. what more is there to say about her, WOW.
Name: Tim
Absolutely beautiful girl. Sweet body, beautiful breast's. Sexiest tan lines I have ever seen in my life. But I agree with anonymous. Where is the booty? I can't wait to see more of this girl.
Name: C_o_n_
i try to say some thing that can be spelld by words but. u are the most cutest . butifulest. nice and so on but in faq u cant be explained with words maybe . pure Female angel
Name: anonymous
Absolute perfection. Beautiful angelic face; tender and sensual. Arousing tan lines and beautiful slender, yet curvy figure! Absolutely a 10! HOWEVER!...... HOWEVER!!!!! Where is her booty? How come there are no photos of her beautiful back side??????? Ahhhh the pain!!!!!
Name: Alessandro
You are the most beautiful girl in the world
Name: Jim
Hey, I love those tanlines. I think I have a tanline fetish just because of her now. They suit her very well. 10/10. woohoo...
Name: Bryan Massey
What else can I say but, Wow?! This woman is beautiful! Her milky white breasts and pubic area in contrast with her tan body really captivates her true beauty. He hour glass figure shows how her body is porportioned.
Name: Conny
hello i just need to say your face it such an angel look. I fall directly when I saw u face. and u proberties are fine but I cant stop fall my eyes on to your eyes. hug cheers
Name: Aaron
Simona is gorgeous! Help me!!!!
Name: luca
Simona is a angel!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: mukhtiar
she is lovely and most sexy girl.
Name: Armin
You are smoking hot!
Name: Marc Ortega
Hey this girl is hot and sexy.I like the girl.
Name: Tim J.
She is lovely! Angel face and a great body! I love her summer rungs...