Name: Puffdraggin
Daisy is hands down my favourite, at least on this site. Maybe the whole damn web. Wow!
Name: sunndude73
She rocks. I truly love Daisy Van Heyden and even took the opportunity to tell her so by email. God, she ROCKS. I dunno if I could handle a woman who rocks any harder
Name: 1happyMan
Oddly she reminds me of Porn star SHYLA STYLEZ. That isnt an insult of any kind, just an observation of two women having a very similar aesthetic appeal and sensuality. More DAISY!
Name: Joey
Daisy is the goddess of our time!
Name: Danese
Daisy is awesome! Her pictures are getting better and better. She is such a beautiful girl! She has my vote as model of the century! She is the main reason that I am subscribed here. Also credit to the photographer on these collections.
Name: Scotty
Fabulous! Daisy is back and better than ever! She has my vote as model of the decade!
Name: Scotty
Daisy just keeps getting better and better. Ive seen pictures of her in her youth, but these collections show a mature, happy, beautiful girl and I can only ask for more.
Name: Dane123
Good to see Daisy back. She is such a beautiful girl. I hope she will be voted model of the year.
Name: Scotty
Yay! Daisy is back! The new layout is incredible. Marvelous glowing photography of a marvelous glowing model. I also like her new tattoo. Please- more Daisy!
Name: Scotty
Daisy is incredible! I dont know what it is about her, but I dont seem to be able to get enough of her beauty and attitude. I definitely want to see more of this model, no matter what. She is the main reason that I am subscribed here.
Name: Danois
This girl is fantastic. A true beauty. Ill give her a 10.
Name: Danois
Yeah, she is awesome. Keep em coming!
Name: TChaos
Wow, this girl is incredible! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!