Name: Buck in DC
mmmmm... those eyes, those lovely, hypnotic eyes! The smile is nice, too. Shes just a lovely, lovely girl.
Name: Craig Caver
Lucie is definetly sexy beautiful face it reminds me of a girl I use to date named Renee but Lucie looks a lot better for sure. One more great feature she possesses is that beautiful booty man what a great butt you have sweetheart your gorgeous good luck with your modeling career baby.
Name: Jurj
Natural beauty with perfect body and unbelivable cute face. Those dark eyes are heavenly!
Name: Artem
You are the most gorgeous woman in the universe. I've never seen so beautiful face, so nice body. You are the woman of my dreams. When I saw your photos, I've lost my common sense - I've realised that all my life I've been waiting for You, that you are the center of my existence. If You are not too busy with your work, could You please write a couple of words for me, I would be very thankfull. Yours Trully, Artem.
Name: tw
Those wonderful eyes! Perfect breasts! Excellant! Great decision for Lucie to share her with us.