Name: arz
i wish she should be on page 1 and working on it
Name: Eric
Celeste is one sensational model. She maintains the inner beauty of being a model. The outer beauty of her body speaks volumes. Her sensational breasts, her round tits, her belly, her skin tone, her symmetry, her poise, her brilliant ass, and her savviness are second to none. She has done well in the few photo sessions that have been printed in past magazines. Even though she is only 19 years of age, her looks and beuaty are second to none in my book. I would even rate her a 12 out of 10. Way To Go -- Celeste!! Her well-rounded breasts are quite special to a young model. She is a dream come true -- especially if and when I would ever meet her personally. All The Best!! XOXOXO
Name: Max
You seem to..Dare to share a very rare quality at your age. May you grow more beautiful as time passes and all the same you share your beauty to the world by continuing to pose for these talented photographers who bring out the best in you, to make you the apple of the viewr's eyes. Good job!
Name: Leon
Celeste, if beauty describes perfection - it is you. You are beautiful as you are, keeping believing in yourself; as every women must believe in themselves too!
Name: Hasan
Now, look at her body, she's perfect - a perfect female body & I think every women on this earth should be given the same.
Name: Anup
Now, look at her body, she's perfect - a perfect female body & I think every women on this earth should be given the same.
Name: jeff
Your nuts to say she has a chunky figure. She is beautiful and thats it there arnt too may girls that can naturally look this good. Celeste, You look wonderful!
Name: Everett
Now, this is the "ideal" feminine body. This is the female figure I envision when I daydream about women. Celeste has the ideal physique that I dream so much about. Oh yes, she has a lovely face, too!
Name: Everett
Perfection. Absolute perfection - that's the way to describe Celeste. Please bring her back for more MCN photo shoots!
Name: Everett
Celeste's got the best body in the nude modeling business! She's got it all - a sexy face, boobs, hips, buttocks, legs - you name it, she's got it!!! Her "chunky" figure displays excellent proportions and symmetry. You must invite her back for many more MCN photo shoots! I'm in love with this beauty!
Name: shane
this is the sexiest women in the world. if i could rait her on a scale from 1 to 10 i would give her a 20. never though their was someone so sexy out their but i have just now seen it. shes the best. she needs to be number one!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ramzy
Amazing curves .. can I touch !!!!
Name: Everett
Celeste is blessed with the one of the best pin up builds I've ever seen! She's got that classic 50's pin up figure - just like the nude models from the Bettie Page era. That curvecious body of her's exhibits perfect symmetry: beauty of form arising from balanced proportions. And Celeste's got an adorable face to go with that gorgeous body too. Unlike those skinny, hardbody nude models who (laughably) consider themselves to be pin up material, Celeste is an authentic pin up model. She is NOT skinny; she's got meat on her bones and that's a major plus! I am fed up with looking at those skinny, hardbody types! Please do more photo shoots on Celeste in the near future.
Name: tw
A very nice body, pretty face. No tan lines.......where does she sunbathe??
Name: Tessa
This girl is really beautiful, she has a perfect feminine body. Thanks for showing also girls that are not skinny are runwaymodels.