Name: Tom
Perfect! This is the girl I always wanted to be with but could never find until now!
Name: David
This girl is a fantasy
Name: David
This girl has the face of a angel . Her face is the face most boys and men see in thier heart when they think what their dream girls face would look like .
Name: Corey
For the first time in my life my breath was taken away! I didn't know that there was a woman so perfect! My eyes will never be the same.
Name: Victor
U sre the Most beutifull woman i the world!!
Name: Khalid
really she is extremely beautiful. nice curves, superb skin and most of all the expressions.
Name: TAVO
Alo Ver?nica, yoa are an angel. You are a beautiful babe, your ayes, your skin, all you are one of the most beautiful womans of the world. I love u babe. Kisses for u.
Name: cor teunissen
you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on. Please look after that superb body of yours. Best regards Cor
Name: Shannon
I was married once to a Scandinavian I thought was a 10 but this woman has the curves and skin texture of the most beautiful woman that could be created. Definitely every man's dream of unattainable perfection.
Name: nathan tait
i think veronica is a very beautiful young lady. she will be a wonderful model like she is right now. i love her picture.
Name: Shane
Truely beautiful, one of the finest I have seen. Keep it up. This is great stuff. Wish I could see more of Veronica and others like her.
Name: Eagle
Veronica's is a hundred percent natural, no layers of makeup, for it would only hide the incredible beauty she truly is. Women with this kind of beauty has started wars in the past, I would fight for her love, if only I can. I keep expecting to see her floating on a cloud like the Greek goddess she truly is.
Name: Freya
She is so beautigul and perfect 10/10 definately :)
Name: Michael
Shes a beauty, where have you been all my life?
Name: Alex
veronica...your modeling is out of this world, i cant take my eyes of you. you are my top model
Name: mukesh
This girl is absolutely gorgeous and very very pretty!!! Veronica have perfect curves and that makes her extremely desirable. I sincerely hope that she will continue to modeling for quite a long time. Please MCN, keep the great work and your models are top beauty quality
Name: Kulit
This girl is absolutely gorgeous and very very pretty!!! Veronica have perfect curves and that makes her extremely desirable. I sincerely hope that she will continue to modeling for quite a long time. Please MCN, keep the great work and your models are top beauty quality. : )) Thanksssss!
Name: yaser
she is the most beautiful lady i,ve ever seen
Name: Nadeem
Hiiii,ijust saw your site,its simply fantastic,and the models are soooo gorgeous,like this Veronica from hungary,she has a perfect body ,and the style of display is marvellous,your site is great,Nadeem.
Name: Udayan
Veronica you are Hungary's answer to India's Aishwarya Rai( former miss world) & considered as one of the most beautiful wemon on earth. You nothing short of unearthy & no title short of miss Universe can do justice to your god gifted heavenly beauty. I have an eye for beauty, form & you are the apple of my eye. There is no adjective(s) in the any language that can truly describe how incredibly beautiful you are. You are indeed once in a generation girl. I could contine gazing into those blue eyes which sparkle like a blue sapphire for eternity. Your blonde hair as radiant as the rising sun in the crystal clear blue skies reflected in your eyes. Your brests as soft as a dove, skin as smoothas silk & as fair as milk. You do great honour to your country, you have all the qualities to be the next kate moss or the next sylvia saint or whatever you choose to do I'm sure you will excel at it!! Veronica you in essence the epitome of feminine beauty!!!
Name: Raymond
Veronica is absolutly stunning , she gorgeous , I envy hungary for having sexy , lovely woman like veronica .
Name: Rodrigo
Vronica you are amazing, you are PERFECT, the best moled i had ever seen in all my life, you'r figure is so perfect, you are like an angel fallen from the sky.
Name: Mercenary
Well, I have dreamt of princesses in fairy tales in my childhood, and when I saw Veronica for the first time, she reminded me of the fairies and princesses in my dreams. Her legendary feature, or shall I say, the most splendrous feature, is her baby looking face with a perfect childish look. She has, no doubt a perfect body and figure, but the shape of her eye lashes is marvellous. She has magic in her eyes, and her front teeth (front two teeth) are marvellous, they add to her innocence. What more to say? Simply, Veronica, you are the best I have ever seen.
Name: Iftikhar
the most important thing cloths make beauty but your fighures are not need ever cloths
Name: mohamad
So perfrct figure with that childish face ! Veronica u r absolutely amazing. What else to say
Name: Edward
Veronika is wonderful. Is the best blonde girl in the world......
Name: ren
Veronika is amazing...shes is wonderful.simply unbelievable.!woah great work!
Name: Ebby
Abosolutly stunning hope you making big time as a model. You are really beautiful and mouth watering Cheers
Name: Boom
So perfrct figure with that childish face ! Veronica u r absolutely amazing. What else to say ....
Name: jerry
you are the most incredibly beautiful women i've ever laid eyes on, Im absoulutly speechless.......................
Name: bgs
u like angel from sky,beatiful and u so perfect
Name: Ciprian
Dear Veronica You are so unbelievable beautiful.. You are perfect. Your pure, baby eyes, your lovely face, the tender lips ... a sacred image... a living goddess .. the most pure orchid. My breath stops, my senses are resorbed. Ones can stay watching you for hours, never getting enough. This is a chance in a million. We feel the most happiest and luckiest men watching you. We adore you.
Name: Zadikel
An Angel, So beautiful. There is no women who compares to your beauty. Not even Aphrodite herself can compare to you. Each of time I come this site I give you a 10.
Name: long
she the most bautyfull , i never seen in my life . she so cute.
Name: Jim
I absolutly agee, 10 is not enough so I voted 3 times to make a 30 which is still low. She is One of the most beautiful in woman in the world, some guy is the most lucky in the world to have such a prize, wish it were me.
Name: Meet
I have no words for her.she is an angle.
Name: Dima
Your appearance is ideal, for a long time chased your photos! I your fan!!!
Name: Helder
Living in the place i live...a contry of big saylors like portugal,the only thing i say about this beautiful gods creation is that this lady is simply a simbol of perfection.and i can only send her my best wishes of a beautifull life.Long Life to the Godess.
Name: month
Perfect.....perfect and fantastic, Dream comes true.... 10pts realy not enough to vote her.
Name: niels
i have seen millions af girls,but Veronica is the most perfect girl ever,thanks Veronica!
Name: month
She got very sexy eyes and sweet lips. She is most beautiful young girl i have ever seen. i really likes u girls.
Name: Dexter
She is really gorgeous and splendid model. I wish her the best of her career.
Name: Elvis
This lady is THE most sensationally exquisite, most perfectually beautiful girl I have ever seen. It is a joy to know such beauty exists on this planet of ours. Oh to meet such a one!
Name: sripad
she is the most beautiful girl i have seen.Sweet face,long beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, Nothing seem to be missing in her.God has taken a lot of time and created her.
Veronica is a sexy young lady with class and beauty!
Name: Doug
Veronica is a sexy young lady with class and beauty!
Name: George Wills
I think she is perfect - her blonde hair and blues make her stand out from most of your other models - love her baby doll look , thanks !
Name: prince
what a lovely green eyes and sexy body i love it
Name: Urvish
She is lovely, attractive, very passionate and sexy girl. She is the most beautiful I have seen so far.
Name: Stefan St.
What a wonderful beauty she is ... ! She looks like my dreamgirl ! I am like to get to know her ... wow! "Veronica you're really the most beautyful girl I saw! Your friend must be the luckiest man in the world!" Love, Stefan
Name: max
your sooooo pretty. i'd say your the sexyest girl in mcn. All your pictures rock. Your face is so pretty and your body looks so sexy. Your hair is so neat and blond. and your eyes are so sparky. your curves are perfect too. Your the most prettest girl i've ever seen
Name: nautilus709
Really, she is very beautiful, and your eyes, I do not have words for describing. What more can I say?
Name: suman
She is very very sexy and nice looking girl. themost beautiful and sexiest girl of my choice
Name: farooq
very pretty, and most most most most beautiful...................
Name: simon
everything was stopped when i saw a picture of her. the beauty of her made me speechless. Wow, just i said "WoW!" That was it, and that is it.
Name: randy
What more can you say ?lLook at the pictures.Simply beautiful.
Name: Jabal
You nearly took my breath away! So beautiful, sweetness! Makes we want to visit Hungary! Whew, smoking hot!!
Name: ben
this model is simply gorgeous.she's got the body,the looks n everything else a woman needs
Name: ajay
this is the girl i am looking for, after seeing her my sense say that this is the right u ar looking for
Name: chris
this model is simply gorgeous.she's got the body,the looks n everything else a woman needs.
Name: juan sebastian
this model is the most wonderful girl when y see in my life it's very wonderful, and y like.
Name: rohan
She is simply beautiful.... The one of the most beautiful girl in this world.
Name: Abnier
She's the prettiest women I've ever seen in my life, i love her eyes and her angel face...
Name: siva
one of the sweetest looking faces i ever saw. and a body to match
Name: tony
veronica or verca has bloossom into an international beauty. a beautiful young woman with an ageless appeal. she has th look a lo of woman wish thy had. you realy can not tell her age, which will have men and other women wondering who old is she when veronica reaches middle-age and beyound. she is perfection of a timeless beauty. sorry that my words fall of the praise that so rightly deserves. has veronica been in any dvd-vhs moves tobe produce. toni
Name: salvador
you have the perfect smile, your eyes are incredible, i have no words to describe your beaty if you ever come to mexico you should email me, if not good luck you are so pretty that theres just a few guys that may deserve you
Name: Tom
She is the most beautiful women i have ever laid eyes on she is perfect in every sense i have looked my whole life for a girl that was the girl of my dreams!!!!
Name: Risto Peuraniemi
She is perfect.The River-pictures are wondefull. I really enjoy her pictures.Thanks. Risto P from Finland
Name: Glen
All I can say is... wow. Really... wow. Electrifyingly stunning, deep eyes of the kind I have never seen before, you just seem to sink in them, before you even notice the rest of her. Then the nose snaps into frame, and it's perfectly in line with the mouth, which is just perfect really, especially the cheeky grin. I'm not usually one for blondes, but Veronica is quite possibly the best looking blonde I have ever seen. Her neck, her breasts, her navel, her arse. All work stunningly, perfectly symetrical. Her legs are also gloriously long, it's hard to do her justice in mere words, or even on camera. Stunning, frankly, and I'm certainly in need of more pictures.
Name: Ron
Her beauty is beyond incredible, her eyes are the most incredible eye's I have ever seen on a woman to have. Veronica smile could melt any man's heart. I only wish there were words that can or ever will be invented to describe her beauty. I would love to meet this incredible woman because pictures really can't capture the true beauty of this woman.
Name: venky
this model is a sight for sore eyes. she's breath-taking in every aspect, seems like nature took extra-special care while creating her. she looks like one of those beautiful godesses described in greek mythology. one of the very best. there must be very few like her. hope to see more of her.
Name: dave
An amazing body, absolutely perfect. What gorgious eyes, WOW!!!! Everything is just perfect.
Name: pete
this babe is stunning a perfect body need i say more
Name: vicky
ur model r superb. Her eye r cute .Shebody has very fine sructure i wish that u get most sucess in ur career than any other model. Ur nipples r excelent and i hopped to i touch them.
Name: ronald
She's really cute! Definitely one eye catcher! Angelic face, beautiful nipples and butt!!! I hope to see you here in our country...
Name: Cris
Veronica is one of the best faces ever seen on the surface of this planet. Perhaps one of the most attractive females ever seen. For me she is the best model here in this site. The most beautiful body (vital statistics balanced!), most beautiful face! PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY blonde ever! Please send me lots of photos... I'd Love it.
Name: Martin
A ****** Cannot say anything, pure beauty!!!
Name: Mark D
Veronica has the most astonishing eyes and beautiful face, I had to pause to see the rest of her beautiful body, I wish you the best in your career, and most importantly, a true love to spend your life with. you show hapiness And beauty in all of your photos... GOD Blesss you and good luck! Mark
Name: Angel M?rt?nez
Veronica is a woman beautiful, face wonderful and attractive. Your hair clair and blond of good complexi?n
Name: jilanee
i thing it my favorte and good so good and most good i want her pics large numbers plz send me her own web id
Name: Gerald Chernicoff
Who doesn't love a pretty blonde. She a great face, beautiful hair, and a good complexion. The breasts are a little too perfect and hint of a surgical procedure , which distracts from the overall girl next door look.
Name: adam rush
she is perfect my ideal woman very nice all i could ever ask for i want a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Farooq
I should say that veronica is the beauty.
Name: khan
she is beautiful and beautiful breast .she have very sexy body but i like her breast very much.
Name: Sohaib
Veronica is realy beautiful. Her Body, specially her beautiful bobs, her long hairs and beautiful innocent smile on her face realy attracts every body to get nearer to her and at least give her a simple kiss on her lips with a romantic hug. I wish to contact her personally if possible, in my near future.
Name: Roberto
if i ever get asked about a single definition of perfection, the only thing that would come to my mind would be Veronica. Doesn't matter the angle she's seen from, you can only see perfection.
Name: Hardeep Sawhney
Veronica is simply outstanding. Flowless skin, good smile, cute Face, perfect breast with perfect nipples, cute bottom just amazing. One can Look at her pictures for hours without getting tired. REAL BEAUTY
Name: Rachaint Kenny
Surely, she hase beautiful eyes and most of all lovely breast and tempting bottom. I like her.
Name: Filippo Roncaglioli
Veronica she is a wonderful blond cutie, she is one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw in my life!!! Veronika has the most perfect smile, the most sparkling blue eyes, the beautiful long blond hair and the most unforgettable body... What else can I write about this girl? She embodies all that is beautiful... she is a real perfection! I love her! I'd like much to meet really her almost one time in my life! ........
Name: wolf
hi Veronica u r geogeous...simply it should be said that u r a real beauty. keep smiling
Name: dex
Perfect body... I was just so amazed seeing such a perfect creature. Lucky him!
Name: chris
i love blondes but this 1 is the best blonde i have see in a long time !!!!!!!!!! she should be in playboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: pol
Veronica youre so cute youre like the sun without u anything brights i love u Veronicaaaa... Youre are the best.
Name: komang
i think she is a great model. her breasts and bumos are very proportional!!!
Name: Vic
Veronica is a dream babe. She resembles a beautiful blonde Barbie (Eastern Europe) comes alive in 21st century. A beautiful princess in your dream... awesome.
Name: Josh
First thought is wow. Second thought is wow. Amazing beaut. 0-10 I give her a hundred.
Name: manuel pocheco
Very lovely like a work of art
Name: Martin
Elle est tr?s belle, de son regard et sa figure ayant beaucoup de douceur, tr?s f?minine, un r?ve...:-)
Name: jose luis
she is beautiful so much, she has an angelical face and a beautiful eyes.
Name: adhitya
i believe she is a angel send by god from heaven come down here to make a better world. i've never see a girl like her before
Name: Fretz Hans-Rolf
She is a real beauty. she is a 10 model. Hope to see more of her
Name: Samson
I Believe That Veronica Is A 10 In A Scale !0 To !0. She Is A The Top Of My List Of Girls From The Country Of Hungary.
Name: Nathan
I have to admit that Veronica is one of the World's most beautiful women. She is the reason men make art, music, poetry. She is truly a beauty that will stand in time.
Name: Nathan
I have to admit that Veronica is one of the World's most beautiful women. She is the reason men make art, music, poetry. She is truly a beauty that will stand in time.
Name: Andrew
I agree with Dale: Unbelievable beauty,One of the most desirable ladies Ive ever seen. Life is great!!!
Name: Tomas
beautiful girl. I'm in love with her. Nice eyes, Nice legs, Nice all.
Name: Dale
Unbelievable beauty,One of the most desirable ladies Ive ever seen.
Name: Nick
Damn this girls fine as...very very nice...speechless
Name: emon
she is really wonderfull and marvelous and she is hot and one of the most beautiful women on this planet. u r vary beautiful.
Name: Jaime Valdez
Nothing more than perfect
Name: Peter
Oh my God! "Ronnie" is one of the most beautiful and exquisite creatures I've ever seen. She comes about as close to female perfection as is humanly possible!
Name: Kleber
This girl realy wonderful.
Name: spandan
sweet, and hot,would like to have more of her pictures
Name: enrique
this is one of the most captivating sweetypie in the world. god bless you.
Name: Eric
She is perfect! Everything on her is so wonderful! She looks very european! But more scandinavian than Hungary ;) Most Beautiful girl ive ever seen!!!!
Name: Stafford
The face of an angel.
Name: Sunny
She is sweet and sexy
Name: tony
The picture isreally wonderfull!
Name: peekay
the marvalous girl with a great sexiest body of universe
Name: tarzan
Fantastic..! Veronica.. you are the most beautiful & sexy girl on this planet,i will never forget you. Perfect...i love u...
Name: rahul
The picture in the window is really wonderfull ! Marvelous silhouette !One of the most beautiful women on this Planet!!!!
Name: seong sang gu
she is very charming girl. i like her so much. i want to meet her any time in future. good luck. bye.
Name: ralli
she looks very sexy & beautiful...........
Name: VeronicaFan
Veronica is a pretty angel, she is not of this planet.
Name: wayne
she is beyond words ,such beauty is very rare,one of a kind ,simply gorgeous
Name: J3
My in its perfect form Cant wait for a video of this beauty
Name: BJ
She is SUPER HOT!!
Name: rudy
eres un angel .......... te lo juro eres una hermosura de mujer
Name: Andre
This girl is the best and very beautiful on this site. She is the star of this site.
Name: Bob
Veronica combines beauty, charm. innocense and sexuality at a level few women can ever achieve. She looks like a younger, prettier Sylvia Saint but to say that does not really do her justice. The photography of her is also top-rate and shows a creativity and intimacy that is lacking in so much nude photography. Please give us more photos and some videos of this "11" on a scale of 10.
Name: Enrique
Sos hermosa nena tus ojos son los mejores que vi en mi vida, pero no te arruines la vida asi!!!
Name: zafer
Now I believethe GOD. Am I in the Heaven. Beautiful is not enough for her. VERON?CA may all dreams come true today (I wish mine also) !
Name: baruc
esa miarada que tienes me gusta mucho y te mereces ese 10 que te puse.y aprovecha esa belleza que tienes y no arruines tu vida
Name: Danny
I have never ever in my life seen such a beautiful smile, amazing body, my GOD your feet are just out of this world! One way or another i will have to meet you, my miss universe. Big kiss on da nose top! D.
Name: Chris
This Girl is simply amazing !!!!!
Name: Tom
I like your charisma! Very friendly, positive and sexy;-)
Name: Cam
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Name: Allan
She is a real babe, only one babe in the world and thats her. 100% sure.
Name: Vladimir
This beautiful girl seems like an angel. Thank you to exist Veronika!
Name: Kane
Heaven is quiet now as their most beautiful angel has come down to earth. Veronica is without doubt the most naturally beautiful girl on earth - her angelic face, her absolutely perfect body, her delicate sweet smile are reminiscent of such stars as Jana Cova, but So much sweeter. She will go a long way - and in the meantime, her devoted fans would love to see more of her!
Name: schunn
Veronica is famous model on the net. She is really beautiful and lovely girl. not only beautiful, but also smart. She speaks Czech, Slovakian, and German, English. I have chatted with her. She is really nice girl. I bet, anybody loves her.
Name: Jose
God bless Veronica with a beauty close to perfection
Name: tonalli
eres una ni?a muy bonita, felicidades por tener un cuerpo tan hermoso.
Name: Paul
Just perfect. x
Name: cezar
Bel?ssima! Seems like an angel !
Name: Jimmy
Veronica is sooo butifull, when i first did see her photo (On another site) I almost become instant in love in her. The hair, her eyes, the lips the boobs, the cute ass she got, and the legs Oooooh she is so butifull.. But still i wonder what her last name is.
Name: KEN
Name: Frank
Why is she so low in the voting? She is stunning. Top 5 easy!
Name: Bogyo999
Veronica the most beautiful girl on the World for me. Fortunately I live in Hungary too,I hope I will see her in real life!!!
Name: E
easily the most beautiful girl i've ever seen.. a body more beautiful than i had previously thought possible, along with a face to die for.. clearly she outclasses the rest of the girls on this site
Name: Francisco
Veronica is a really beautiful girl, she has an angelical face and perfect body
Name: wirley cabrera rubio
she is very beautiful
Name: javier
A blonde angel! The cuttest blond i've ever seen.........
Name: hawk
The Best, Awsome, Numero Uno, Beautiful
Name: sieg
sexy, beauty, perfect, she's an angel!
Name: mojak
this is very good
Name: Gary
Gorgeous.............Totally Awesome!...............nothing more to say!
bellesas de cuerpo y alma peque?os regalos para nuestra vista. gracias
Name: sarthak
you are one of the most beautiful girls on earth
Name: Gary
One of the most beautiful women on this Planet!!!! Thank you so much!
Name: Henry
You are a incredibly beautiful women.
Name: francisco
essa gata e muito gostosa
Name: Patrik
The picture in the window is really wonderfull ! Marvelous silhouette !