Name: Irvin
I like to see more pics. of Denisa she is very sexy and beautiful!!
Name: Craig Caver
Denisa is beautiful especially her eyes and luscious lips. I'm disappointed that there wasn't a picture that captured her backside I'm big on the booty. But nice thick thighs, great skin, nice pair of tits just right for her build and mmmm nice trim. Baby you are sexy take care of that body.
Name: Nestor
I loved Denisa in this video. She is very natural on camera with a lovely smile. I wish she were a "B" or a "C" cup, but hey, as the saying goes, "You can't have everything". Great tushy. I love women's tushys.
Name: Ben
You are an absolute flawless beauty!
Name: Nick
Passed a few classes? Hell, she majored in the subject. Denisa Cisic has a warm, playful sensuality that is deeply bewitching. The impact is clear when she is photographed against nothing more than a white sheet, and you come away needing a cold shower. More, please.
Name: Jacques
Her eyes have it. Nice young-girlish breasts. Not to mention her overall beauty.
Name: Austin
Dear Denisa, I think you look surpassingly beautiful and wonderful. And I think you would look just as good with your clothes on too! But I can't help but think what else you do or would do with your life outside MCN. Because I see this picture of a gorgeous woman who is you, and after a minute I read your hobbies and interests. But I still don't know about you. And aside all of that, I have never wondered about that very same thing- When you see someone attractive, do you obligate yourself to learn about this someone? It's just food for thought. I got to think about it too. Best Wishes, Austin
Name: Bill
Denisa .. simply put... you put ALL the others to shame. God spent a whole lot more time on you. I wish I could marry you ... but I can't ..
Name: Everett
This beauty is so gorgeous, she seem almost unreal! Get her back here at MCN, for more photo shoots and videos. I adore this woman.
Name: Everett
Denisa is so delicious looking it makes me want to reach into the computer screen and grab her! She very appealing to the senses! Her alluring sexiness can easily bring a man to tears...and to his knees. I'm in love with this doe-eyed beauty.
Name: Everett
Denisa, I say you're the best looking nude model in the business! I don't care what others may think. You've got it all - A sexy, sweet face; a nice "hefty", classic pin-up figure (with great proportions); and sex appeal. You ARE simply beautiful - and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!! Hope to see you back with MCN for more shoots in the near future.
Name: MCN team
We try to shoot her again ASAP.
Name: Everett
Wow! What a hottie! Please bring Denisa back for more MCN shoots, soon. And when you do, place her in more "elegant" photographic settings and do some outdoor shoots, too. This beautie is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. I just can't get enough of her! I'm in love!!!
Name: Everett
I've noticed most of the nude female models from the Czech Republic who've appeared in The Girls of MCN, and in other adult sites are quite beautiful...and Denisa is no exception. She's got it all - an adorably sweet looking face, and a gorgeously, curvaceous body to match. Why is the Czech Republic always producing extremely beautiful woman with such consistency?!!! Is there something special in the air in that country?! I am sure glad I came back to MCN as a subscriber - and it was all because of Denisa! Please invite her back for more shoots.
Name: Everett
Because of beauties like Denisa, I wish I were a babe-magnet living in the Czech Republic.