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Name: A Lover
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Words cannot describe the beauty of this girl. If the word perfect ever meant anything, it would be Anistasia. I think i am in love with this girl. Her smile will make you melt and her eyes will entrance you. She is beautiful to the extreme. Thank you god for making suck a wonderful creature
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Must surely be GOD's gift to the human race!! An absolutely beautiful LADY!! PLEASE, PLEASE let's see more of her ( As in more sets, not more bare flesh or compromising poses ) not necessary for this girl.. Her beauty alone will carry her.. Sincere Regards, Frank
Name: Bob
Anastasia, your beauty is angelic. Your eyes in paticular are very seductive. My favorite model alongside Simona 10-10, 11 if possible....
Name: Jirka
Anastasia, your beauty is unbeatable. I am from country with many beautiful women, but your look is above all of them. 101% !!!
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Name: Nathan
The mere presence of Anastasia in her portraits are gut-wrenching seductive; begging you for more. The simple, yet effective stare of her iridescent eyes and beautiful physique make everything around you turn murky. In short, if she isn't appraised as the best then I'm certain this is the worst disaster for 'man'-kind... leaving me yearning for more! Russian beauty..Anastasia..none other.
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You are like a rose on the earth! ....... Kissses!!! From Mexico.
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Anastasia!!! You are the BEST!!!
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Wow!!!!! What else is there left to see in this world.
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From now untill the day i die, when i hear the word, woman, i will think of Anastasia
Name: jim
from now on untill the day i die, when i here the world ,woman,i will think of ANASTASIA.
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Sexy-Blue-EYES,(of-an-angel) Sexy-Red-LIPS,(like-rose) Sexy-Blond-Hait,(like-a-Beauty) =ANASTASIA-FROM-Russia LOVE>..........
Name: Ahmed El Sarky
i think when i choose to travel to russia i was sure that there's angels like you live there
Name: Adam
From Russia, with love.... Wow she is hot!!
Name: Curtis Martin
Anastasia has such lovely skin. She is so luscious! She sparks the imagination!!
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This women is utterly stunning. Her eyes and lips are what caught my attention first. Everything else is a big plus. I agree, more pictures are needed.
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