Name: Mike
Thanks so much for bringing Eufrat back in a new series of photosets. She was already beautiful when you first shot her several years ago, but these days shes just flat out gorgeous.
Name: Buck in DC
A lovely girl with an engaging smile. Hers are some of the sexiest galleries on the site.
Name: chris
Definetly the most beautiful face of all mc nudes girls, gorgious body. the open air and pool shots are the best of hers.
Name: Ryan
What I wouldn't give to have Eufrat... She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and my absolute favorite to look at. If Aphrodite were real, she would be her.
Name: joe
I've only seen one set of Eufrat, but it happens to be one of my favorite sets. The pictures are not sleazy and are quite artistic. In fact, I've become interested in joing MCN for lovely Eufrat alone!
Name: Tim
Perfect! Beautiful! Gorgeous!!! 8-O To be serious - one of the most beautiful women I?ve ever seen!!!
Name: Nestor
This part one video of Eufrat is absolutely wonderful. I mentioned in my comment on the "Just Sexy" video of Eufrat that we did not see enough of her backside. Well, I can't say that now. You displayed it well. For some reason, the vagina looks more sexy when viewed from behind, Eufrat displayed it nicely here. Your staff and Eufrat are to be congratulated for this video.
Name: A simple student
Simply perfect, when i saw you i only thought in this.This is a strange feeling, but i love it. Thanks to make me feel this.
Name: Steve
Eufrat, I adore you. You truly have the face to launch a 1000 ships. The men of Portugal are blessed to have a women as beautiful as you. May you life be blessed.
Name: James Watts
Wow...... She's Gorgeous!
Name: Soon
She has beautiful hair and perfect body.. oh my...
Name: onjay
Name: Daniel Peters
Beautiful Girl, Just Beautiful, Tender and Sweet
Name: Peter
beautiful woman any man would be very proud to be with her.
Name: David
A stunning angel among us.
Name: Andrew
Wow, one of the sweetest looking girls I've seen in a long time. Absolutely wonderful face and body.
Name: urick
this is the superior state of woman body i have seen recently.
Name: Jack
Eufrat has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. She has a sweet smile and seems to know the exact facial expression that makes the viewer's heart melt. Her best pictures are at 3000 res so that you can see her beautiful face up close.
Name: christian
wow im stunned this beauty makes me wild