Name: masterklon
Para mi melli l amejor mujer del planeta quisiera encontrarte en la distancia y ser tu alma gemela
Name: b kraemer
I fell in love Melli when I read about her in the nude business. She is very pretty and sexy. I love her new hairdo. It makes her look very inocent and sexy. If she really enjoys being nude all the time. I would love to meet her.
Name: jonz
she is just amazing, from head toe i wish i can take her out- she makes you believe that god exist
Name: OldWolf
Love this girl ! Hate the new hairdo. She was perfect as a brunette.
Name: A Random Guy
Sounds cheesy but her eyes and smile just make me melt. Speechless... Thank you MCN!
Name: mr me
very beautiful and a girl to die for... Very Perfect. I'm already fall in love
Name: 006akri
WOW.i m speechless... this beauty is most beautiful girl i hope she finds what she wants in her life and i wish you the best of luck.
Name: Spazman
Beautiful is the first word that came into my head when i saw her. Thank you MCN for this beauty that has created my imagination to go wild and out of control. It will be very difficult to top this beauty. PS I especially love that tattoo on her perfect belly.
Name: Theo
Melli is the most attractive woman I've ever seen just looking at her makes me fall into a daze I would to see more of her beauty.
Name: PZ
I am old enough to be her grandfather. Actually I have a son Meli's age. I'm writing not for any erotic reason but I was stopped dead when I saw Meli's picture! Of course she is beautiful in every way imaginable, but it iis her smile and the really friendly look in her eyes that impells me to comment on her. I hope she finds what she wants in her life and I wish you the best of luck. You have made an older man feel good about the world once again.
Name: Rob
WOW!!! I'm speechless...this is the most beautiful girl I've ever can't add to that beauty, no matter how much you say. I just hope that her personality is just as beautiful.
Name: Sims
Definately the most beautiful girl on the internet. Really cute face and great body overall and she got sexy tatoo and nice shaved pubic area.
Name: Jay
Guess i'm gonna pack my bags and head to greece!
Name: felipe
oooooooo, really you are the best one of all, the truth I have been without words, simply you are the best one
Name: pat
simply one word,wooow,beautifull,gorgeous,so sweet,i would do anything to meet her in real life.....a natural beauty,simply the most beautifull
Name: jose luis
Simply perfect...there aren?t words enough to describe such beautty....contemplate her smile, her eyes, all of she, is one of the good things that live bring us
Name: JejeBob
I didn' t expect to see a woman from Greece here. However, despite the fact that she is a beautiful woman, there are far more beautiful women to love here!
Name: M
Perfect Figure u get few perfect women and shes one of them. Absolutely Beautiful!!
Name: suresh
very good pictures and this model have a good future,really attractive figure, and most men will love the same. suresh
Name: Joe
For some reason I have a fascination with Greek women and Melli stood out to me. She is very beautiful. I love her body!
Name: Kemal
She has got a very nice body and she is the most attractive girl in the world in my opinion.
Name: Gabriel Eagle
Meli is one of the most beatifull models i?ve ever seen, really really gorgeous. Really cute face, and a very nice body. Kisses Gabriel.
Name: eXecutioner
What a Babe... She's one of the hottest babes I've ever seen, She's got the most prettiest face and lovly body..
Name: Anthony
Melli is very beautiful. I wish that was me instead of Monika.
Name: Mitchell
very beautiful. perfect breasts.
A real beauty! Goddess Aphrodite must had been looking just like Meli, which the word "meli" means HONEY
Name: Natalie
she's damn pretty...she's the most beautiful model in MCN...envy her so much...^_^
Name: sly formekong
melli, you (and bambi) make me so proud of the human race. and to know that i am also a part of that race is nothing short of my everything. to the world you might be one person but to one person you are the world.
Name: Gabriel
shes very very, and very beautiful, and a nice erotic show for my eyes.
Name: Martin
OMG, you are daaaaaaamn pretty. I think you are even prettier than Evelina Papantoniou, and i consider her one of the most beautiful girls ever imho, seriously. Hope you get veeeeeeery far. Kisses.
Name: Bob
You are a Greek Godness. The best of the web!!!
Name: julian
one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen. she leaves me speechless.
Name: Γιάννης(Yannis)
Hi Melli! That's why all the greeks are so proud of you! Eisai glykia san mia koutalia meli! meli in greek means honey,so you can imagine what I mean... Keep going and cu in Athens soon..I hope...
Name: Ethan
Absolutely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: onjay
she's beutiful...natural, sexy..more than words can say
Name: The_Darkness
wow i think he is the great woman in Greece i hope i can see you i my country i
Name: Fabio Zerbetto
...without breath... What a sensational smile. I See Universe limits through her eyes
Name: Achilles
I think she's a Greek Aphrodite... Her body and looks are amazing... She's the perfect woman,a Greek statue of realism... Every woman must be like her... A combination of hellenic art...
Name: y2j_hasan
She's really cute! Definitely one eye catcher! Angelic face, beautiful nipples and butt!!! I hope to see you here in our country...
Name: TAKA
She is a goddess of Greece, and my ideal.
Name: angel
Melli captures the beauty that defines the Greek classics. She is a goddess among mortals.
Name: allan
una bella figa...a beautiful girl
Name: Hank
Oh my God, Melli might just be the most beautiful woman i have ever laid eyes on. I wish she was mine...
Name: Redang
The most beatuful girl of the site. Everybodey can fall in love with this angel. In spanish: Preciosa, hermosa, increiblemente bella.
Name: Mike
OH MY GOD! What a stunningly gorgeous woman!
Name: Max
A true greek goddess.
Name: tony
your the most wonderfull women that I saw and I saw many many girls. perfect body perfect face make a perfect model xoxox
Name: Gabriele
Simply...the best! BELLISSIMA!
Name: John
Melli is the most unique girl i have ever seen. Stunning body, amazing smile, sensual eyes with a captivating stare...she's the most beautiful girl i have ever laid my eyes upon. Your #1 Fan, John H
Name: ally
melli i think your like pro's model.... wow first i see you i only can speak beautifilly goddes... your chin it's so sensual and your eyes too... your like a goddes myth in your country unique, charming, and seducting
Name: Archondis
Its the first time for me buying a membership in such a web site. On the other hand the only reason i did it is because of this girl...Meli....I do not know but its the first time that i feel sth strange....not because she is Greek,but because she is sth but sth else... i am sorry if i make you feel tired with my comments....all of the models that you have are very very beautiful...but Meli...makes my winter so strange and so unique beautiful...i wish i could meet her in personal....i wish her and all of you the best fot the new year...take care and keep on with the wonderful work you are doing...Meli....somebody told me that the stars live only in heavens....he was lying on live on earth...somewhere..... Kind regards, Archondis
Name: david
the reason i came to this site was melli and after viewing all the women here she is my favourite.she is as stunning as an ibizian sunset.
Name: Scott Carter
Truly lovely. Her eyes are hypnotic.
Name: St?phane
Such beautiful body !! I really love her boobs !!! Superbe lady !!
Name: James
The most gorgeous pair of eyes I think I have ever seen. A beautiful woman indeed.
Name: zlatka
she is simply magnetic.
Name: pagal
I have never seen someone as beautiful
Name: Manish
oh! Wonderfull hot & perfect body.
Name: Daniel W.
HOly cow - best looking Greek girl I've ever seen. Absolutely STUNNING! A True Beauty!!!! Gosh - send me more shots!
Name: ea
lovely face - excellent body - perfect tits!
Name: Tim
Melli is the only reason I need to subscribe to MCN, she is beautiful.
Name: laurie
she is perfect, absolutly beautiful
Name: ouz
Probably most beatiful girl in the world
Name: nd
strange to say but I like her hair..the rest of her just compliments that
Name: Aaron
Simply beautiful. The world could benefit from more of Melli. Queen of the net
Name: julie
i would bleed for her.
Name: maverick
great!! - beutiful eyes!!!! - want to see real
Name: manuel
So beautifull that I Can`t say nothing. She is just to see
Name: The meroving
She is the perfect girl!!!!
Name: Ralf
This girl is absolut perfect !
Name: Ronald
Name: tw
a delight!! Wonderful eyes, perfect body. Can't say I like the tattoo..........