Name: demon
she is very beautiful and just to point it out to have piercings or tattoos is not a damaging thing
Name: chalkie
Oh wow, what a beauty, her eyes are inquisitive and her hair is golden. I love the shape and size of her breasts. She has hips any man would long for. I like her perky little nose too. I'm glad she hasn't damaged her body with any tatoos, or peircings.
Name: Abelard
Alena is simply the most stunning model I've seen working today - here and elsewhere - in nude, half-nude and portrait work. Wow!!!
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Name: Craig Caver
I think Alina is everything Icould ever want in a girl physically. If she has the personality to boot then she is the girl of my dreams. Especially since we both like art and I'm a musician which is art in sound form at least I think so. Anyways her body is one of the best works of art I've ever seen. Alina your beautiful sweetheart may all your dreams come true good luck with the modeling your very special baby you can do anything be anything you want don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Name: Steve
She is glorious; one of the most beautiful images I have seen..."and God created woman."
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Delicious, Sweet and Honey are words that come to mind for some reason.
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I'm in love with her! Outstanding!
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