Name: Chris Salabye
The Makings Of Her! Where Do I even begin.... her eyes, and how her hair cups her face. oh wow! Beautiful and Pure. She is just amazing. I cant describe the look she has, shes perfect in my eyes! My favorite model!
Name: Ryan
WOW! Kyla is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life. Beauty like hers is so rare. I would give everything up to meet Kyla. WOW. Just WOW!
Name: Phillip
Kyla is undoubtly one of the most beautiful models. Kyla take "flawless beauty" to a new level. Simply stunning. Her blues eyes, her smile her physique..simply but beautiful! I've seen Kyla online back in 1998 and have since been a member of her site and just goes to show how beautiful Kyla is.
Name: frosty
i first saw kyla in the AUSTRALIAN penthouse and have been infactuated with her cince her gorges big blue eyes make me melt a mile away, i could stare into them for ever and a day your a very hot woman and i know that id almost die if i was to ever gaze into them the rest of your amazing body just sets the blue right off your perfect keep up the good work MWAH sweet sexy dreams
Name: RooBoy
I have followed Kyla's career for a few years now, and I can say that she just keeps on getting better and better! An alluring smile, enticing eyes and a fine, fine body! She makes me go ga ga!!
Name: Carlos
I didn?t belive in God, but today i can to say that exist, after to see to Kyla.
Name: Afonso
Kyla you are so beautiful. You let me marvelled with your beauty and with the colour of your eyes. Afonso
Name: Afonso
Kyla you are so beautiful, you let me astonish with your beauty with the colour of your eyes. Afonso
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Name: Misko
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Name: DLS
To me you are the most beautiful women on the planet. Your beautiful eyes make my soul melt. To see you brings the most pleasure in my life. I'll carry you in my heart always.
Name: Bear
Kyla, what can i say? You have a range from charming and cute to stunning and very sexy. An artist would be lucky to have you around as a model.
Name: Big Pete
Kyla you are beautiful.You have the most wonderful eyes ever.Thankyou.
Name: Henry Lee Dawson
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Name: Turk
She's the finest-looking model on the Web. No contest.
Name: brandon
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Name: "The"
best fortune cookie i've ever gotten: "it's up to you to created the peacefulness you long for" I would love to meet you someday, Kyla. I can see it in your eyes, the focus of thoughts behind them surely exists nowhere else. HANDS DOWN, Kyla is the most attractive model i have seen to date.
Name: Michael Mulroy
I'm genuinely searching for what is the most beautiful in my own eyes. What is beauty? How do you define it. Words cannot describe. The spirituality of beauty. It MATTERS. It matters very much. To be made in God's image. He knows who I'm looking for. By the way I'm not paying any attention to her breasts. It is the beauty of the lines and contours of her face that have captivated me and drawn from me this rather poetic meditation. Thank you Kyla. And thank you for piercing the soul. A moment frozen in time. Perfection. Ps I'm a very good Catholic boy. Seeking... and hoping to find... who the Lord has for me. Peace be with you. xx
Name: pete
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Name: javier
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Name: Anja & Ron
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