Name: Mike
The worlds best model!!! and i bet you can have alot of fun with her, i think she has a good sense of humor to, the first impression to me, just perfect, that eyes! i can look for hours to them, and still thats to short, if i would see her in real life i think i would meld like a burning candle. So many emotion and still she can hide it pritty well, Bambi! your a big 10 for me!! why dont we have angels like you in Holland!! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. well done...
Name: Michael
This woman has the look - and she knows it - seductive beauty at it's best!
Name: H.
I dont really know what it is about sweet Bambi, but she has always rubbed me just the right way! This beauty dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's" when it comes to sheer beauty. Bambi has always stood for sheer perfection, for me. She is simply perfect from head to toe! She possesses a gorgeous face with a naughty look in her eyes, bodywise she is a stunner - practically in a league of her own. It's hard to rate her on the 1 - 10 scale, because she is definitely above and beyond 10! To me, I think, what completes Bambi is her feet. She has the most gorgeous, and well-keept feet (very important), and she understands the importance of stretching and arching them during her photoshoots, which really is essential for a shoot to be complete. Well I gues it by now is pretty clear: "Bambi you're are definitely a honey!!"
Name: Mike
The most delicate fawn of Gods creation, so delicate, pure,so angelic yet oh so devilish. The female body at its purest and most desireable beauty I have seen. In dreams and yet in concious awareness a purely coyness, bashfulness that brings the total beauty to the mind. A beauty so strong it brings out the yearnings and wants from deep inside.
Name: Ed
Bambi, you're as if I designed you! The perfection is unbelievable. As i gaze down your body, I see your flowing blonde hair, always ajusted beautifully over your smooth shoulders. Then I'll be distracted by those soft pink lips, as I daydream of a light wet kiss. Down further, I notice two precious breasts of unimaginablely fine curvature. Then, as your seductive hips widen, I come across your genital lips of perfect hue with your skin tone, not coming about as unsightly, but placing me in a state of heat that I've never experienced before. And down that pair of incomparable legs are calves of flawless definition, as you smear in your sexy body with yet another perfect attribute--all in the most brilliant poses conceivalbe. Bambi, you are the Goddess of the Female Body.
Name: Michael
Bambi, You are the most beautiful lady I have every seen in a forum like this! Your moves, your mystique, even your coyness is very appealing. When I close my eyes you are still there. To be able to hear your voice - is that possible? Perhaps the webmaster can record your voice?
Name: abhi
well what to say are really lucky that everything in you is beautiful ...don know what i would do when i will see you infront of me ...;) ....whatever just wanna say i loved your smile and the eyes ...
Name: Kashif
I am see pic and watch a movie for this lady i think she is my dream girl i want a best breast size and sexy leg look i think she is best for my choice and she is very sexy and beautifull girl in world
Name: jm
Unreal... she should be the # 1 women onthis site by a landslide.. classy, sexy.... perfect! Would only love the chance to chat with someone like her.. here in NY if your there :)
Name: Magic Neophyte
I love your fabulous blonde look that frames those smouldering yet mysteriously deep brown eyes. I imagine my gaze upon your perfect curves as giving life and energy to you. "It is for you my queen that my sword is firmly in my hand, and all your enemies will be vanquished."
Name: robin hood
bambi you are an faboulus beauty.....
Name: sly formekong
she certainly is one of those things in the universe that makes me proud to have been born when i was born. to be able to have been a part of human history at a time that i could simply contend just with the idea of ever meeting her.
Name: David Marquet
I think Bambi is a beautiful woman that every man wants to know, Bambi your are amazing
Name: Dubby Jointy
she's the one... the most beatiful being in this world... i wish i'll meet her... she's so so so gorgeous! lucks baby... take care
Name: Wilfried Haupt
Surely one of the most beautiful girl in the world
Name: Jerry
She is a flawlessly luscious angel. I never knew how perfectly graceful a woman could look until now. The biggest dilemma.....get lost in those deep pools that are her beautiful eyes, or earn some chapped lips kissing those endless lovely legs. I already have a shot of her seated next to a window as my wallpaper, so I get to look every day!!!
Name: Patrick L. Glenn
Bambi, Is one of the most beautifiul brown eyed blondes. I have a weakness for beautiful brown eyed blondes.Her body was perfect. I adore the sample video. All I can watch for now. Sincerely, Patrick Glenn
Name: St?phane
Surely one of the most beautiful girl in the world Bambi i love you !!!!!!!
Name: WildKnight
Shiny blonde hair; unbelievably long legs and such a beautiful face. Bambi is by far the most erotic woman I can imagine. I would like to see much, much more of her!
Name: Alex
The most Beautiful Girl I have seen in a long Time. More Sets/Videos please! A Perfect 10!
Name: Adam
Show more Bambi!!! She's way too hot to only have a couple of folders....