Name: RalliartBoy
Anetta Keys is without question the best looking of all the current adult stars. I wish her all the best with her cosmetics business - I have seen very little of her recently, I can only assume that she has retired from modelling / acting which if true, is a great shame. Can anyone confirm this? Thank you Anetta for all the pleasure that you've given me (and many others) over the years. You are quite simply, STUNNING!
Name: H.
Before Anetta Keys graced you're site, the definition of gorgeous was known as: gor?geous [ g?wrjəss ] Definition: 1. beautiful: outstandingly beautiful From now on gorgeous will simply be defined as: Anetta Keys!!
Name: Kyle H
Most awesome beauty. Her eyes and smile are the most beautiful. A woman who loves dancing and music is a very fun and interesting lady.
Name: Walter
WOW!!!!!! What BEAUTY. You have to be the most beautiful woman on this site & planet. What I would give to meet you some day. Walter (USA)
Name: Carlo
She?s like a dream. Very exciting and it?s very interesting for me to know her personality. I would do nearly all to get in contact with Anetta.
Name: Carlo
The most beautiful woman of the world :) It?s sad, that such women are mostly stars and that there is no way to contact them. -.-
Name: curtis
one of the most beautiful young ladies i've ever seen.
Name: Faraz Tahir
The sexiest lady ive ever seen.......she's gorgeous.
Name: txuman
no comments! is wonderfull and beautifull. impresionant
Name: martin
the best, my obsesion, my delirium in a few words, the best...
Name: Jeremy Williams
I relly love to look at your body out of all of the nude women and you are the most beautiful also.
Name: RUDY
forget all those other comments honey.there corny and just blah,blah,blah.i'm for real and i think your HOTT!!! sexy as hell.gorgeous and the sexiest lady on this site for sure!kisses to you precious jewel
Name: John
As someone else said "ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS", this is one of the, if not the, most beautiful women I think I have ever seen. I would really like to chat with this girl sometime to find out if she's really as beautiful all the way through, including a wonderful personality to go with the amazing beauty.
Name: Naas
Wow,wow,wow! Absolutely flawless from head to toe! She is amazingly beautiful. I would really like to meet her!
Name: Gabriel
Name: David Trent
Never have I seen such a beautiful woman. Nothing on this earth could be more exciting than looking at Anetta Keys! What a wonderful experience one would have just to talk to her. Thank you for the joy of seeing your beautiful photographs. Respectfully, Dave
Name: shawney
some things are never said because words diminish their meaning no comment
Name: Khokhar
Stunningly beautiful,sultry and eyes that can swallow an ocean.
Name: Drew DeLemonte
Being an artist, I have a very particular eye. I'm very selective when it comes to the feeling and image I wish to use in my erotic art...Anetta definitely caught my imagination and is still taking me on a ride. Thank you for the inspiration, her beauty is arousing in every sense.
Name: west manafesto
I have truly seen perfection at her finest. I thank you.
Name: DeshiGod
She is so HOT and ERROTIC. She is so DIFFERENT !!! She is different in her expressions... She has the best expressive lovely face and a marvelous body....
Name: Steve Newdell
You have what it takes to make all of your dreams come true. All the women of the world wished they looked as good as you, and all the men wish you were in love with them. sn
Name: James
Oh can u believe how gorgeous anetta is!her body is lush,her thighs are just heavenly, her outstanding round arse is out of this world, her eyes and the way she looks, i agree...melt you in ur tracks! she is dark and just delicious wild and sexual with a body to dream about for months :)
Name: aryaan hayaat
you are so cute anetta.... as like a angel .....
Name: kevin
The hotest WOMAN i ever seen or i have ever dream of
Name: Bruce Williamson
You will go far in this world! I hope to one day to see you in hollywood! With addoration: Bruce W.
Name: Rob
Absolutely gorgeous, with smoldering hot features that would melt any man in his tracks. The finest bodyline I've seen in a long time. Hot chocolate, Schnapps and whipped cream comes to mind. Good luck with your cosmetic studio.
Name: Dawn
I think that you have a gorgous body and excellent boobs and i love your pics they are beauty of the hart. keep up the good work. i really love the way your pics dawn
Name: paco
most beautyful middleton model of the world.......
Name: dominique
anetta is a fantastic lady! beautiful and sexy hair.egyptian eyes.for me the perfect women!!!!!!
Name: TJ
This is one of the most beautiful women I have seen. Such a powerfully beautiful face, as a poet and a writer I see this is the face muses are made of. I could stare at it for hours, and eyes would wonder her breasts, to those beautiful brown nipples. I like to think that she is as beautiful inside as she is outside.
Name: julian
all i can say is wow. when you see photos like this you just become speechless because the beauty overcomes you. i cant even imagine being able to be so beautiful. MCN you know whats going on let me tell you...
Name: Roberto
Anetta is beautiful and very sexy. She has a great body. Her eyes drew me to her. I would love to introduce her to my sons.
Name: Hylian
I've never seen a so sexy woman. Her body is as beautifull as her dark eyes. She is like a realm in the wind: far, mystic and fantastic. I hope I'll could see you with my own eyes one time, She is my Gerudo for life...I hope you'll could see this message of truth.
Name: Pekka
Anetta is most beautiful ladies here. Very sexy.
Name: dresdin
i love this woman she has it all.especially her eyes caught me at first sight.and you dont see woman with small mouths like she has its interesting.
Name: Will H
I live in the New York City, the melting pot of the world and seen all kinds of women. Let me tell you, not one equals to the beauty and style that Anetta possesses. I've been a fanatic since she has come on the scene and just cant get enough of looking at her. They say you have two kinds of women in your life...the one you marry and the one you fantasize about. Well if she reads this, fantasy is spend the rest of my life with you.
Name: jack stanley
I think Anetta Keys is one the the sexist women I have ever seen. She has a beautiful complection and beautiful dark hair and eyes the just go together. What can I say see is just perfect.
Name: T.C
If heaven is supposed to be so beautiful and perfect,then I believe that this makes anetta just heavenly.The number scale definitely does not go high enough.
Name: MIDA
I know it would sound so boring but this is my comment about this Model (really mean it): WOW, this is a girl who u could only imagine in a beautiful dream, which u dont want to end 4-ever! The first time I saw a picture of u, I felt like a character featuring in a comic (like Rodger Rabbit in the movie Who framed Rodger Rabbit). The only thing I can say is: WOW u are unbelievable!!! I really hope to see more pictures from u! I gave u a 10 by the way, this was the highest I could give ;-) grts MIDA stil can't beleave my eyes....
Name: Nick
I am completely turned on by Anetta's glances and overall looks. From what little I have seen of her, she is a total turn-on. She demonstrates a level of commitment that is suggested in her eyes and confirmed by her body language! Anetta is cute, beautiful and sexy all at once. I would definitely rate Anneta as a firm 10!
Name: czer
only 3 words for you; gorgeous, beautiful and precious
Name: Anila Imam
Hello Anetta you have a very unique look...You look like you can pass for hispanic, or middle eastern. Your gorgeous blend of dark skin and cat eyes gives you a look that sets you apart from most woman. Not that it matters but what is your background? I'm sure you have a personality that most guys can only wonder what's going on. Take it easy!
Name: Gino
There is something interesting about you, Anetta. You remind me of astrology. A mysterious brunttee. A woman with dark hair. You can see in the darkness.
Name: christoph
hallo anetta you are my "favorite" of all the girls on the screen - whenever I see you -, why? because you have such a genuine joyful smile and such vivid eyes, full of attention and curiosity. If you did not have such an impeccable body, your eyes and your smile would suffice to put you on top of the list. But you are not competing, you are just there, enticing men and, I am sure,ladies also. I wish you a wonderful new year, and please: do not fall into one of the many traps that are awaiting models like you. It would be a pity. By the way, are you related to Carmen or Porgy (in Porgy and Bess)? Can you sing? Then that would be the role for you to play
Name: Ole Sondergaard
This girl is my Angel. She is so beuttyfull I miss more pictures off her. She is my dream wife
Name: Greg
Hello Anetta you have a very unique look...You look like you can pass for hispanic, or middle eastern. Your gorgeous blend of dark skin and cat eyes gives you a look that sets you apart from most woman. Not that it matters but what is your background? I'm sure you have a personality that most guys can only wonder what's going on. Take it easy!
Name: erhan
you are the most sexy girl in the world.. i want you in my dreams
Name: nicholas padgett
hello anetta, you are the most beutifull women i have ever seen, if your ever in england you could come and make me very happy.
Name: hashya
You are really number one!!!! Love Ya!
Name: Bod
Stunningly beautiful. Good luck with the cosmetic studio........
Name: Wierra
Perfect beauty from our neighborhood :-) Middle EU girls rulz!!!
Name: yoryo
The perfect lady for me and for my palace
Name: CARL
HI Anetta! YOU ARE THE SEXY LADY !!! I WOOD NOT CHANCE A THING ABOUT YOU. I give you every thing to be with you that's no lie. But I GIVE A TEN
Name: J Pals
I have viewed Anetta from afar for a LONG time, she is absolutely stunning. Look up "perfect female body" in the dictonary and there will be a picture of her.
Name: Frank M Kowalczyk
Anetta? In a word: EXQUISITE! - Frank M.