Name: Mark J Glynn
Naemi is just so beautiful. She is the perfect model. There are no others who match her perfection as an erotic nude. Her proportions, her face, her hair, her eyes, her soul...everything about her makes masterpiece photography.
Name: marlowi
As the song goes: Then I saw her face (and body!!!)....I'm a believer!
Name: mike
True Classic Beauty - the kind sculptors long to scuplt - the kind men start wars over.
Name: JSv
Oh but that we must rank these annually, they are all images of beauty; their poetry is all to enjoy! (ummm, Naemi, I was hoping it'd be you in this process, though, as yours to me are the most sensuous pose/prose)(does Naemi even read these I wonder?)
Name: JOHN R
Name: JR
She is by far the best looking girl I've seen on this site. WOW!!!
Name: Sincere
If true beauty is in the grasp of every women, why only did Naemi grab hold of it.
Name: Danny Garcia Sr
Simplicity is beauty. That is what this model is all about. Sweet innocent looking face. Just plain lovely looking.Outrageously,stunningly beautiful. I just wish to see her whole figure in the nude.Have her half body pic on my screen saver.
Name: Paul Zappa
I commented to Naemi in her "Native" language. It wasn't posted but I hope Naemi w mas given it. It wasn't nasty nor did it contain any suggestive or forbidden words. Caro Naemi: Lei sono una femmina col occhio assassini e una faccia che omini moriranno. Il corpo da lei sono perfetto e miracoloso. Grazie per mi fare seno giovanne. for those who need to know, the above is translated You are a women with killer eyes and a face that men will die for. You body is miraculous and perfect. Thanks for making me feel young
Name: naved
She is amazing perfect balaced body with beautifull tits nice face she is commplete
Name: glenn brown
i have to admit that all of you models are knock down georegous but naemi pic just stood out as one of the most beautiful women that i have seen in a long time she should be a movie star with those loooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!i i enjoyed the gallery mery much :)
Name: Gary
Equally as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor when she was that age. Gorgeous
Name: J.
Peter is totally right! Naemi is easily the most beautiful woman I have _EVER_ seen!!! Those eyes! Those lips! EVERYTHING! WOW!! I can't beleive she hasn't taken the Top Model spot yet!!
Name: Peter Thormahlen
The most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!
Name: Robert
Naemi is by far the most beautiful 28 year old I've seen in quite some time and I live in California, where the weather is nice and the women are HOT!!! Good luck to you Naemi. I hope you win but if not, you should know that you are still number one in my book!
Name: Dario
Bellissima! The real Italian beauty, brunette, dark eyed, with a suntanned silky skin! She has the expression of Sophia Loren. All those nude sites feature only blonde east europns babes. It was time to give the latin mediterranean beauty a chance. Good! Naemi sei splendida!
Name: Douglas
I really appologize but I really want to bring her to the US and marry her. She is the most perfect woman I have ever seen.
Name: Nestor
Fantisic butt, wonderfully shaped nipples, and a beautiful, elegant face. Who could ask for more?
Name: Notl
This lovely model has a look which combines beauty, brains, sophistication, and a hint of kittenish playfulness.
Name: dexter
You r an absolute exquisitness with perfection. More than a woman what a man could desire most..
Name: richie b
the most beautiful woman I haveever seen in my entire life. No B.S. PLEASE have her e-mail me.
Name: JB
One of the most beautiful women I've ever seems. Italy has a lot to offer.
Name: Robert
Beauty,is all you can say. A stunning woman.
Name: richard
she is an angel . No comment!
Name: gabriel garibay
Naemi is a dream come true. True goddess. How can you find a girl like that. Only in Mc. How you cannot believe in impossible dreams. Naemi is here. Wow. Kiss.
Name: jeremy
She is the perfect example of femenine beauty
Name: suren
Hi, Most extraordinery face & Eyes. Wonderfull fire. Very proud of you
Name: Jamie Knowles
Your beauty is unmatched, it is true, women from Italy are gorgeous.
Name: teoman madra
she is very beautiful as a woman and also as a young lady of aesthetic measures
I find it difficult comparing the beauty of European girls but this one is exceptional.just look her in her eyes, I wish could see this angel in person.
Name: Antonio
Naemi is the ultimate Woman. With Naemi we can figure out what The Creator had "in mind" when He launched His first prototype, Eve. Less then Absolute Perfection was not to be expected... Regards, Antonio
Name: Peter
Stunning woman in the resemblance of liz taylor in her early days, very beautiful.
Name: Mario
Yes.. off course.. without a nice body we wouldn't see her at these pages!! But look at these eyes and her lipps.. very beautifull!! whish there was a picture whrer we could see her smile too.. Greetings Mario
Name: Gino
Naemi is classic natural beauty. Cosmo.
Name: Bernd
Naemi is one of my favorites. She has a very good body and a face I like very much. Hope you will post a lot more of her. Regarding Bernd
Name: George
Unbelievable! Living proof that Mediterranean women can be just as beautiful as anyone. She leaves you speechless.
Name: Mike
Oh... So Hot! One of the top 3 brunettes on this site. Keep up the great work!