Name: Kyle H
I believe anywhere Martina stands is a paradise. I give her a ten for her beauty. I give her ten for helping people to see. I give her ten for her Spanish eyes.
Name: sanjay dutta
I never seen such a girl as a fresh breath of life means oxygen for me
Name: Javier
Martina, is more beautiful girl, her face, her body, is incredible....I love you... "Viva la Espa?ola"
Name: Tom
Martina is flawless,her beauty is as bright as the blue skies and sunshine in the sky Her tits are as perfect as fresh bloomed flowers Her face has such natural beauty Love her!
Name: Dario Torres
Martina is a beautifull girl, a love her face
Name: shane
most beautiful woman i have ever seen
Name: Saman
actually she is beautiful and she is very hot
Name: pete
only one word for perfect
Name: al-
She's very beautyfull, so natural, look she eye, hair, and she's body, oh my god so perfect to me
Name: Max
A sight for sore eyes and she is the very sight of perfection. I am sure that no one needs glasses to give this beauty a perfect 10 as a score if she were to be rated for her looks...
Name: ally
nice, perfectly and beautiful girl that i ever see. her face and eyes it's so perfect
Name: Mike
Half blinded or not, by her very own profession, with corrected eyesight, she is indeed sharp and hardbodied. Although not moving in this scenario, beautiful body and exquisit skin, she is thrilling my mind beyond belief!