Name: H.
Fiby is dropdead gorgeous and should rightfully compete for model of the month nearly every month! Why she only scores "4.93" presently is beyond me. She is easily one of the most beautiful girls on MCN!! Wake up and give her a score she deserves, you members :-) Give us more photosets of beautifull Fiby, please ....
Name: Margaret
The most somber beauty I have seen in a long time! How can she rate so low with your members?
Name: JBL
WOW! Fiby is gorgeous!!! Her eyes,pouty lips and the HOT,HOT BOD!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Want 2 C more pix of her!!!!!
Name: James
A very very nice addition. Hot, sexy, beautiful, curvatious, and easily one of the best women on the site. 10/10 no doubt