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Frequently Asked Questions
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Image Quality
If the photos display poorly in your browser, you may need to set your display to either 24 or 32 bits. Our photos will not look their best if you are using a lower setting. To change the display settings, go to the Control Panel and choose Display. Click on settings and set the video card to 24 or 32 bits.

For monitors that support more than one screen resolution option, you can adjust the screen resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the more information you can display on your screen.

· Click the Start menu and select Control Panel
· in Control Panel select Display
· in Display Properties dialog box select the Settings tab
· select a screen resolution by moving the slider arrow [under Screen Resolution] and select OK
· Close the Control Panel with the Close button
Additionally to our online video streaming, all our videos are downloadable to your local hdd in the most current decoder formats Windows Media Player (WMV) & Quicktime (MOV) for the lower resolutions; DivX Codec for high resolution.

You can download the latest decoder and player versions here:
DivX - Windows
DivX - Mac
Windows Media Player
Quicktime Player
What is HDV

HDV, also called High Definition Video or High Def, is a new high-resolution digital video format. The content is shot in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio rather than a standard television´s 4:3 aspect ratio. The HD format offers sharper, more true-to-life images than regular TV. The crisper picture allows you to see fine details you may miss with standard videos.

System requirements for viewing HDV on a PC:

Minimum configuration:
- 2.4 GHz Intel processor or equivalent
- 384 megabytes of RAM
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or higher

Optimal configuration:
- 3.0 GHz Intel processor or equivalent
- 128 megabyte video card
- 512 megabytes of RAM
- Monitor supporting video resolutions of at least 1280 x 720
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Media Player 9 or higher
- Microsoft DirectX 9.0 (installs with Media Player)

If you have an older computer that does not meet the minimum configuration, you should still be able to view MCN videos in one of the lower resolution formats. Enjoy!

Video Settings

To ensure that you achieve the best video quality, please adjust the settings of your video card so that you can see all grayscales of the video below (videocardsettings > video-overlay > change the color saturation).

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Browser & Addition hints for best results when using the MCN site
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- Enable Java

- Turning off Internet Explorer Resizing Default

- Disabling AOL Photo Compression

- Do Not Use Proxy Servers

- Disabling Anonymizing Software

- Turning Off AddSubtracT

- ZoneAlarm Users please turn off the cookie control and pop-up blocker controls
Kaylee is a young and open minded blonde with an angelic look. She is such a loving and caring person, that she helps people on the street volunteering jobs. On MCN you can see another side of her ... fully nude and natural.
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